My Geek Box September 2016

my geek box september 2016

My Geek Box September 2016

My Geek Box is a monthly geek subscription box based here in the UK. Every month you will be sent a box full of geeky goodies and collectibles as well as a limited edition t-shirt in every box! Being a UK based company there is no need to worry about shipping costs so you can get your own My Geek Box for as little as £16.49 per month!

Remember to check out our promo code section to see if we can save you even more money on your subscription. Also feel free to use our ‘Find my Box’ tool and we promise to match you with the best subscription box for you in only a few clicks!


Anyway, on with the review…

(1) The Big Bad Bot Inc T-shirt.

First up in My Geek Box September 2016 is the first of 2 t-shirt we got this month!

I’m not going to lie to you, I have no clue what this is relating to and so apologies if I really should know. Please feel free to let me know in the comment below if you know! Either way I still think the design look pretty cool and as always the material feels like pretty good quality!


(2) Mickey Mouse Dorbz Vinyl Collectible

While not necessarily ‘geeky’ it is still a cute little figure and one I will happily be displaying cause I mean, who doesn’t love Disney? I am definitely more a fan of the normal Funko Pop figures but it’s always nice to get something different!


(3) Jake and Tree Trunks Figures

Definitely my favourite item in this months My Geek Box. I am a huge fan of adventure time and so was very excited when I opened the box to find this! This is the whole reason I subscribe to these boxes in the first place, while some people see these items as useless trinkets, it’s the excitement of seeing what is in the box that make these subscriptions worth the money!


(4) Mos Eisley T-shirt

I was surprised to see we had been sent 2 t-shirts this month as I don’t know how they can afford to send 2 considering how cheap the box is! This was definitely be favourite out of the 2 t-shirts, a Hard Rock Cafe inspired Star Wars tshirt, what an unusual but awesome combination. I like these sort of t-shirts that aren’t simply just a graphic of a popular character but instead they are a geeky representation of already created designs.


(5) Pikachu Poster

Last but not least is the ‘Your Pikachu Needs You’ poster. My wall is plastered with posters and this will definitely make a great addition to the wall. Really happy they choose to put Pikachu on it and didn’t go with any overused Pokemon Go reference.


Overall, I am fairly happy with this month’s box. It’s not the best box I have ever had but definitely not the worst either. Getting 2 tshirts was a great surprise and like I said I loved the Hard Rock Cafe styled one. Also really loved the figures of Jake and Tree Trunks as they make a great addition to my geek cabinet. If you are thinking about getting into geek subscription boxes this might be the one to go for as it is one of the cheapest on the market if you live in the UK. Feel free to check them out here.


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