Price: £30 – £32 per month

Brick Loot is a unique subscription box that sends its subscribers $45+ worth of brick themed loot (often LEGO) every month. You will receive 4-8 items every month and are guaranteed at least one exclusive item in every box! Brick Loot also promise to frequently send you brick items before they even hit the market so if you are a LEGO fanatic then you will definitely want to subscribe to this box. Some of the brands you will see in your box include: Nanoblock, Brick Forge, Brick Stix, and many more. Feel free to check out Brick Loot by clicking here to see some of the other items that have been included in previous boxes.

As Brick Loot is based in the USA, if you live in the UK you will need to pay for shipping. However even with shipping included it is still a great deal costing between £30 and £32 per month depending on the length of subscription you go for. You can check out our promo codes page at anytime for discounts and offers to get the best subscription box even cheaper!

Please leave a rating or comment if you already have this box or are planning on getting it and let others know what you think of this subscription box!

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  1. Aabhav Raina

    I did not had Brickloot since 14 years

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