Price: £25 per month

Calling all beer lovers! Flavourly’s Craft Beer Club (as seen on Dragon’s Den) is a monthly subscription box which sends you 10 carefully curated beers from small batch breweries, all personalized to your taste, and a “Mr Stout” magazine. The beers you can be sent include: IPAs, Ales, Stouts, and more. Feel free to check out Flavourly by clicking here to see some of the other beers that have been sent out in previous months.

You can choose from the Light Box, the Dark Box or the Mixed Box depending on which type of beer you find best. All of these are £25 per month each and include FREE 48 hour tracker delivery! You can check out our promo codes page at anytime for discounts and offers to get the best subscription box even cheaper!

Please leave a rating or comment if you already have this box or are planning on getting it and let others know what you think of this subscription box!


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