Top 5 Geek Subscription Boxes

geek subscription boxes

Top 5 Geek Subscription Boxes

If you are a true geek you have probably already heard of or seen geek subscription boxes online. However, if you are anything like me you might be having a bit of trouble deciding which one you want to spend your hard earned cash on. Are they even worth your money?

Well I for one think they are…

If you haven’t decided if you want to subscribe to a box yet or just don’t know which one is for you then hopefully you can make your decision after reviewing the top 5 geek subscription boxes in our opinion.

Remember, if you don’t want to read through this post then feel free to use our ‘Find my Box’ tool and let us do the hard work for you!

loot crate(1) Loot Crate

Price: £19.99 – £22.99 per month

Unless this is the first time you have ever read about geek subscription boxes, you have most likely already heard of Loot Crate. That is because it is one of the longest standing and most successful geek box there is!

Each month you are sent $50+ worth of geeky goodies based around a monthly theme such as speed, horror, anti-hero etc. You can expect to get t-shirts, collectables, figures, home goods and more! Loot Crate have also recently upgraded their monthly pin which tends to come with additional goodies. If that’s not enough then the box itself even transforms into a different object for that month’s theme such as a Harley Hammer or Speed Car.

On top of the awesome collectables you are sent, Loot Crate also give away a Mega Crate every month to one lucky subscriber. This Mega Crate includes 4K TVs, PS4s, HUGE collectables…

If you are really unsure which box to go for then I would suggest going for the tried and tested Loot Crate, it is the most popular for a reason. Feel free to visit Loot Crate here.




(2) Z Box

Price: £16.99 – £19.99 per month

Next up is the Z Box. This box has been put together by a huge player in the music/gaming/movie sector, Zavvi. Being that this box comes from Zavvi you can expect some high quality items inside and also at a lower price than the Loot Crate as it is shipped from the UK.

Much like Loot Crate, the Z Box is based around a monthly theme and promises to send you £40+ worth of merchandise in each box, well worth the £16.99 price tag. Subscribers will be sent 4-7 geeky items which will always include an exclusive T-Shirt and exclusive discounts on other Zavvi products.

While Z Box may not be as popular as Loot Crate I don’t feel that this has anything to do with the quality of the items in the box. This is simply down to the fact that Loot Crate is an American based company and so they are able to reach a lot more subscribers. If you are in the UK Z Box might be the best geek subscription box for you as you don’t need to worry about delivery costs as its all included in the price!

Feel free to check out Z Box here.


super loot

(3) Super Loot

Price: £16.66 – £19.99 per month

Third on our list is another UK based geek subscription box, Super Loot. As you can see this is a similarly priced box to the Z Box as it is a UK based company you don’t need to worry about delivery costs which always helps bring the price down on something you plan on getting every month!

Much like the previous 2 boxes we have already looked at, Super Loot subscribers can expect to receive 5-7 geek/gaming items every single month. One of my favourite thing about geek subscription boxes, and particularly Super Loot, is the exclusive T-Shirt you get included in each box. Nothing says I’m a geek and proud like a geeky T-Shirt. Best of all, if you aren’t too sure whether or not Super Loot is the right box for you, they offer you at Welcome Box for only £15 including delivery with no need to subscribe for more!

If you aren’t certain that the mystery geek box is for you then Super Loot also offer a monthly Comic Box as well as a Candy/Sweets Box. Feel free to check them out here.


BAM box

(4) BAM Box

Price: £40 – £42 per month

Next is BAM Box. As you can see from the price, this is a more high end box, partly due to delivery costs again as it comes from America but mostly due to the quality of items you get ($60+ value).

What sets BAM Box apart from any other geek subscription boxes on the market is the number of exclusive, limited edition and signed/autographed items you can expect to get in each box. Every single month you will get AT LEAST one autographed piece of memorabilia whether it be an original sketch, a poster, an item or clothing or something else entirely. BAM Box also regularly upgrade your box which means you can get even more and even better items in your box!

While the price tag my seem quite high, if you can afford it then there really is no box that can beat the BAM Box. Want to get yours now? Check them out!


brick loot

(5) Brick Loot

Price: £30 – £32 per month

Last, but by no means least is Brick Loot. This is a box with a twist. Unlike the other boxes in this Top 5 list, Brick Loot doesn’t send you random geeky items, instead they send you what it says on the box, BRICKS! Not just any bricks though, you will get $45+ worth of brick themed goods (often LEGO) every month with at least one Brick Loot exclusive item in every box.

Brick Loot also promise frequently send its subscribers Brick goodies before they hit the shelf. So if you consider yourself a Lego lover then you probably won’t want to miss out on some of the items in this box! Obviously Lego aren’t the only brand you can expect to find in your box, you can also get items from Nanoblock, Brick Forge, Brick Stix & many more!

Want to see for yourself? Go straight to Brick Loot.


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