Every Loot Crate Option (so far…)


loot crate

Every Loot Crate Option (so far…)

As you are probably all aware, the number of options Loot Crate now offer is mind boggling. From humble beginnings offering just their standard Loot Crate to now offering Loot Gaming, Loot Wear and even Loot Pets!


In this article we hope to breakdown each crate and give you a brief overview of each of them so you know what you are getting if you decide to take the plunge and become a Loot Crate subscriber!


Don’t know what Loot Crate is?

Loot Crate is one of the original geek subscription boxes Its been around for a while and there are very good reasons why it has remained so popular boxes for so long. Every month you get 4-6 items valued at over $50 all for as low as £21 including delivery. In your Crate you can get collectibles, t-shirts, home goods and much more! In recent month Loot Crate have become almost 100% exclusive and so tend to send items you can only get from buying your own Loot Crate. Feel free to check Loot Crate out here.

standard loot crate

Loot Crate

Price: £21 – £24 per month

So the likelihood is that you are already aware of the standard Loot Crate Subscription Box, this one has been around for over 5 years and has become a staple within the geek subscription box market. Chances are if you have heard of geek subscription boxes, you have heard of Loot Crate.

In the standard Loot Crate you get at least 4 items from your favourite geek culture franchises as well as an exclusive t-shirt and pin in every box. Loot Crate has become so dominant in the subscription box scene that they are now able to send subscribers almost all Loot Crate exclusive items meaning if you aren’t subscribed you are truly missing out on some one of pieces of memorabilia.

I would definitely recommend you check out some of our reviews on past Loot Crate boxes if you are thinking about getting on board!



loot crate DX

Loot Crate DX

Price: £57 – £59 per month

Simply put, Loot Crate DX is Loot Crate but on steroids. While the price may be much higher than the standard Loot Crate option, if this is within your budget it really is a no brainer. In this box you will get 3-4 premium level geek items including lifestyle gear such as mugs and drinking glasses, clothing such as hats and jumpers as well as your standard geeky collectibles but again all at a much higher level.

I understand this option may be a bit out of your price range however if it’s not I wouldn’t even think about getting the standard Loot Crate. You can have a look at Loot Crates website here to see what has been sent out in past crates.


loot wear

Loot Wear

Price: £8 – £14 per month

If you love the t-shirts from the standard Loot Crate but don’t like the geeky collectibles, or if you just enjoy having clothes from your favourite franchises then Loot Wear has you covered. Within Loot Wear there are 5 separate categories which you can subscribe to separately or bundle a few together and save even more money! The Loot Wear options are:

Socks (£9 – £10 per month) – 2 pairs or nerdy socks guaranteed to make your friends jealous

Underwear (£9 – £10 per month) – For those who know they have a geeky side but maybe don’t want it showing all the time…

Wearables (£13 – £14 per month) – Shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shorts and shoes, this box definitely has ever nerd covered.

For Her (£13 – £14 per month) – It would be foolish to think all geeks are male so don’t worry ladies, there is a box just for you!

T-Shirts (£8 – £9 per month) – For those that just want the Loot Crate t-shirts and nothing more


loot pets

Loot Pets

Price: £24 per month

That’s right, even your dog can no share your love for all things geek. This takes spoiling your dog to a whole new level, but I think it’s only fair if you are getting your Loot Crate that your pet should get one too. Loot Pets will send you over $50 worth of geeky dog gear and tasty treats to ensure your dog never feels left out.

 I would highly recommend that if you are on the fence about this one that you head over to Loot Pets now and have a look at some of the lucky dogs who are already subscribers!


loot anime

Loot Anime

Price: £25 – £28 per month

With the recent surge in Anime fans it’s no wonder that Loot Crate decided to bring out a box dedicated to all things Anime. While it is difficult for me to comment on this one, given that I am not a huge Anime fan, let me give you a breakdown of what you would get each month.

Every box will continue $60+ of items from the top Anime and Manga Series with 4-6 exclusive items for each. This month’s box included shows like “The Seven Deadly Sins”, “K-On!” and “One Piece”.



loot gaming

Loot Gaming

Price: £25 – £28 per month

Now this is one I can definitely get on board with, if it wasn’t for things like work, friends and sleep (you know, that boring life stuff) I could play video games all day. That is why Loot Gaming has got to be one of my favourite geek subscription boxes on the market.

While this is slightly dearer than the standard Loot Crate option, you get significantly more value with over $60 worth of items in every box. Again this includes 4-6 items with many of them being exclusive to Loot Crate. This month’s crate (November 2017) includes items from Gears of War, Call of Duty WWII, Wolfenstein II and Bioshock, I am extremely excited about this one.


Loot Crate Specials

Price: Various Prices

Now we have covered the staple options Loot Crate has to offer, lets have a quick look at some of the crates for a specific franchise or some of the one off crates Loot Crate are doing as of November 2017:

Halo Legendary Crate (£38 -£39 per crate) – Get 5-7 monthly collectibles from some of the most memorable moments in the Halo franchise, show off to your friends with your guaranteed exclusive figure in every single box.

Firefly Crate (£38 -£39 per crate) – Subscribers are sent 4-6 Gorram awesome items in each and every box with an exclusive Firefly figure and $65+ worth of other collectibles.

WWE Slam Crate (£34 -£36 per crate) – I know there are a lot of wrestling fans out there so this one is for you! Get $60+ worth of WWE collectibles and apparel with 4-6 items in every single crate.

Loot Crate Sanrio (£37 -£39 per crate) – I have to be honest and say I had to do a bit of research to know what this crate was about, for those of you that know what Sanrio is though you can expect $75+ of Kawaii figures, accessories and collectibles in every crate.

Marvel: Gear + Goods Crate (£38 -£39 per crate) – Thankfully I know a bit more about this crate, subscribers can expect $75+ worth of home good, wearables and exclusive items in this Loot Crate option, with 4-6 exclusive items you can be sure you won’t be disappointed.

J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World (£38 -£39 per crate) – Is anybody not a Harry Potter fan? Didn’t think so. That is why this crate which offers 5-7 magical items in every crate is truly FLYING off the shelves. Even if you aren’t a fan of Harry Potter I am sure you know someone who is, so why not go ahead and treat them?

Fallout Crate (£38 -£39 per crate) – If you are a gamer it’s likely you are a Fallout fan. Get your Fallout fill with 4-6 EXCLUSIVE collectibles from all across the Fallout series. Better yet, buy 6 crates and you’ll get a FREE Nuka Nuke USB Hub.

Mine Chest (£39 per crate) – There is a reason this crate is almost always sold out at Loot Crate (particularly in children’s sizes), kids go nuts for Minecraft. Stuck on what to get your child for Christmas? Why not get this one off crate then which includes 4-7 items they are guaranteed to love.

Stranger Things (£65.88 per crate) – A truly spectacular show deserves a truly spectacular crate. Celebrate seasons 1 & 2 with over $111 worth of exclusive collectibles. You better be quick though cause this one goes in and out of stock FAST!

Star Trek Mission Crate (£38 -£39 per crate) – Whether you’re a long time viewer or a newbie to the Star Trek world this bi-monthly crate is guaranteed to give you your sci-fi fix. Get 4-6 items valued at over $65.

Call of Duty: WWII (£58 per crate) – This limited edition crate won’t last long given that it is celebrating the launch of one of the biggest titles in recent gaming history. If you consider yourself a CoD fan you wont want to miss out on over $90 worth of exclusive Call of Duty collectibles.


Want to try Loot Crate out for yourself? Then simply subscribe here.


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