Look Fantastic September 2016

Look Fantastic – September 2016

I’m sure you have all heard of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, one of the biggest beauty boxes in the UK. Would you be surprised to hear that this beauty box has only been around for 2 years this month? That’s right, it’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box’s 2nd birthday! To celebrate this we have all been sent some pretty great products this month and I for one am certainly not disappointed. With last month featuring mostly skincare products, I was happy to see that the majority of products in this months box were make up. I don’t have anything against skincare products (in fact, I love them), but I was slightly disappointed with the lack of make up in last month’s box. Six amazing beauty products have been sent to subscribers this month and I’ll go into a little more detail of these below.

If you simply want to know our opinion on this box overall then here you go:

The Look Fantastic Beauty Box is great for those on a budget but still want some quality beauty goodies delivered to their door every month. From as little as £11.25 per month including delivery you can get over £50 worth of beauty products every single month. Products in previous boxes have included: Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm, Renu Lip and Eye Active Lift, Balance Me Congested Skin Serum, and much more. Feel free to check out the Look Fantastic Box by clicking here to see other products that have been in previous boxes.


Product Breakdown (Look Fantastic September 2016)

Just looking at the picture you can see why this beauty box is so popular. The combination of well-known, quality products and brands you probably won’t have heard of is what makes this my favourite beauty box. Here is a breakdown of what has been included in the Look Fantastic September 2016 Beauty Box.

(1) Lemon & Sage Body Butter from Bliss (30ml)

I am a huge fan of body butters and Bliss Body Butters are no exception. I found this particular product to be a bit of a thicker cream (which I prefer but this is really personal preference) and not ‘sticky’ like some other body butters are. As with all body butters, the scent is one of the most important factors. The smell of this particular butter is exactly what you would expect: Lemon zest with an underlying herby/earthy scent, which I found to be not too overpowering. Overall, if you are a body butter fanatic you will love this product, if you’re not then I’m sure you still wouldn’t have been too disappointed.

(2) Bareminerals Marvelous Moxi Lipstick

If you love makeup you will most likely love Bareminerals as well. I was so excited to see a Baremineral’s product in this month’s box and even more excited when I noticed it was a lipstick (even if it is only travel size). The shade is called “Get Ready” and is a warm, rosy-pink colour. I found the colour to not be too overpowering and definitely one that could be worn everyday.

(3) Gatineau Collagene Expert Eye Pads

Given that Gatineau is quite an expensive brand, unsurprisingly we only have one small packet of this to try out. Gatineau says “the pads revitalise and hydrate skin, whilst remaining gentle to the delicate eye area.”. I personally don’t have too many issues with my eyes but still managed to feel and see an improvement in the skin around my eyes. If you can afford the price tag then this is definitely a product to get.

(4) Argan Liquid Gold Multi-tone BB Cream

Again, another high-end product, this time from Argan. I have mixed feelings over expensive products in these beauty boxes as while I like getting to try them out, if I really like them I’ll struggle to buy them on a regular basis. Anyway, Argan says that while this product is only available in one shade, it adapts to your skin tone. While this sounds magical and probably would be good for someone a little less pale, I found it too be a bit too orange and it really didn’t adapt to my skin.

(5) Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil

Quite a soft and lightweight pencil with a slight gold tinge to it, I personally love this product and have been using it most days since my box arrive. As you know, highlighters are becoming increasingly popular and I have to admit this pencil could be one of my new favourites. If you haven’t tried this out then I would definitely recommend it!

(6) Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

Last but certainly not least is this cleansing shampoo. It is designed to get rid of all the build up of products in your hair such as hairspray, dry shampoo, mousse ect. Having never tried a purifying shampoo before I was quite interested to see this in action. I have to admit I have been quite impressed with the results and I can definitely notice my hair feeling a lot lighter and less ‘sticky’ after using this. Sadly, this too is quite an expensive product and while I would definitely look for purifying shampoo in the future, I don’t know if my budget could stretch quite this far.

Overall review of Look Fantastic September 2016

Despite seeing other reviews of people being disappointed with the quality of the box considering it is the box’s 2nd birthday, I don’t feel the same. I was personally quite happy with this month’s box and despite some of the products being quite costly, I was happy I got the chance to try them out. My favourite product is not a surprise: Baremineral’s Lipstick. I love anything Bareminerals so to get a lipstick included in a subscription box which only cost me £11.25, I definitely can’t complain! If you want to try out products like these and find out what is coming in next month’s box you can click here to go to Look Fantastic. Feel free to also check out the promo codes page on our website to see if you can get this box for even less.


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